'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin--Australia

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'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin on Australian stamp

Australian environmentalist and star television "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin has been commemorated on a stamp a year after his death, Australia Post said Monday.

Irwin, killed by a stingray while filming on Australia's Great Barrier Reef, had spent years performing death-defying feats with dangerous animals, gaining international celebrity as he raised the profile of wildlife preservation.

The stamp, which pictures Irwin with his daughter Bindi, son Bob and a snake, went on sale on Monday.

The stamp was launched jointly with the magazine New Idea, and features a commemorative cover issued by the publication after Irwin's death.

New Idea earlier produced a souvenir stamp featuring Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. In a subsequent poll to choose another celebrity for a set of stamps, the public overwhelmingly chose Irwin.

Proceeds from the sale of the 50 cent (46 US cent) stamp will go to Irwin's conservation charity, Wildlife Warriors.


Harry potter - GB

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Harry Potter
Design: True North
Date of Issue: 17 July 2007

It’s ten years since JK Rowling’s bespectacled hero first appeared on the bookshelves with the release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone™, now the seventh – and last – instalment has arrived. To celebrate the arrival of the most eagerly awaited book of modern times Royal Mail has issued a set of seven stamps and a miniature sheet.

The Harry Potter stamp issue comprises of seven se-tenant stamps featuring all of the Harry Potter book jackets. In addition to the stamps, Royal Mail has produced a Miniature Sheet, Maxi Cards, a Presentation Pack, First Day Covers and a Personalised Sheet.

The Miniature Sheet features five completely new and exclusive stamps, bearing the coat of arms for Hogwarts, which sits in the middle of the sheet, surrounded by its four magical houses in the order: (left to right) Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Hogwarts Ravenclaw and Slytherin.
All five coats of arms also appear on the Personalised Sheet, alongside labels featuring ten magic spells from the Harry Potter books. Each of the spells is printed with a special thermachromic ink that reveals the spell’s secret when warmed.

Pick up a Presentation Pack and you will discover how the Harry Potter phenomenon became a world wide success. Inside the fully illustrated pack, Jim Davies tells the story of how the boy wizard went on to conquer the world of children’s literature. The pack contains both the seven Harry Potter stamps and the miniature sheet on a separate carrier.


Butterflies of Honkong--Hongkong

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Hong Kong Butterflies II
Date of Issue: 14 June 2007
Designer: Benny Lau

"Hong Kong Butterflies II" is a direct sequel to the "Hong Kong Butterflies" issued in 1979. With their exquisitely delicate wings and graceful flight, these fascinating butterflies evoke our admiration and reinforce our commitment to nature conservation.
Depicting the adults perching on their host plants (caterpillar food plants), the set of five stamps captures the beauty of butterflies from different families.

Faunis eumeus - $1.40 A member of the Amathusiidae family, Faunis eumeus has dark brown wings. A wide light brown band runs across its dorsal forewing, and its ventral wing is dotted with a string of white spots which resemble shining pearls. Its large blue eyes contrast sharply with its yellow head. Used to flying close to the ground, Faunis eumeus is seen to inhabit moist and shady areas. Smilax china is one of its larval food plants.

Prioneris philonome - $1.80 Prioneris philonome belongs to the Pieridae family. Its dorsal wings are chalk white while the ventral hindwings are yellow. Both have well-defined black veins. The butterfly’s common name originates from the red spot at the base of its hindwing. The male of this species flies fast and displays hilltopping behaviour. The leaves of Capparidaceae plants are its larval food plants.

Polyura nepenthes - $2.40 Polyura nepenthes belongs to the Nymphalidae family. Relatively large in size, its wings are white with black patches on the dorsal forewings and suffused black margins on the hindwings. Two brownish-yellow bands run across its ventral wing with two wing tails on its hindwing. Polyura nepenthes has a straight flight. Ventilago leiocarpa and Archidendron lucidum are its larval food plants.

Tajuria maculata - $3.00Tajuria maculata is a small sized butterfly from the Lycaenidae family. Its ventral wings are white with black leopard like spot pattern. There is metallic lustre on its dorsal wings. This butterfly has tails on its hindwings which are easily mistaken for antennae so that it has a better chance to escape from its predators. Tajuria maculata usually engages in erratic flight with high flapping frequency. Taxillus chinensis is one of its larval food plants.

Acraea issoria - $5.00Acraea issoria is a slow-flying butterfly of the Acraeidae family. First discovered in Hong Kong in 2002, it is the only local Acraeidae species recorded. Predominantly yellowish orange in colour, its wings are suffused with black lines and blackish brown sawtooth marks along the outer margins. The contour of the forewing is relatively straight while it is rounder for the hindwing. Strongly territorial, Acraea issoria is often found patrolling in the same areas. Boehmeria is one of its larval food plants.


New Christmas Stamps--New Zealand

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New Christmas Stamps

Latest Christmas Stamps Released By New Zealand Post



Endangered Species--Canada

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Endangered Species

To mark Stamp Collecting Month 2007 and raise awareness about endangered species, Canada Post will issue the second in a three-year series of stamps that portray wildlife native to Canada.

Four stamps with denomination of 52¢ abou endangered species were released on 1st october 2007


Cenetary of Satyagrah--India

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Recently on 2nd October 2007, a commemorative postage stamps on 'CENTENARY OF SATYAGRAHA' were released with denomination of 500 Paise in Honour of Mahatma Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi is also known as The Father Of the Nation in India he played the key role in Indian Independence by means of satyagraha.

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