2nd Lancers (Gardner’s Horse)

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2nd Lancers (Gardner’s Horse)
Date of Issue: 2 December 2009
Country: India
Denominations: 500p

A new commemorative stamp issued by India post to commemorate the centenary of 2nd Lancers, a regiment of British Indian Army established in 1809.
The 2nd Lancers (Gardner’s Horse) was a cavalry regiment of the British Indian Army raised in 1809. They served in the Nepal War and the First World War. During the reconstruction of the British Indian Army in 1922 they were amalgamated with the 4th Cavalry.


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Lunar year of the Tiger

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Lunar year of the Tiger
Date of Issue: 1 December 2009
Country: Taiwan
Denominations: NT$3.50 and NT$13.00
According to chinese calender year 2010 will be celebrated as Year of The Tiger.
Taiwan post issued two stamps and a miniature sheet to welcome the Lunar Year of The Tiger

1. NT$3.50 Stamp: An image of a tiger gazing ahead, which symbolizes farsightedness, optimism, enterprise and luck.
2. NT$13.00 Stamp: A portrait of a tiger leisurely lying on the ground, which suggests talent, ambition, and new sources of revenue.
3. NT$12.00 Miniature Sheet: The sheet features a stately tiger on an open scroll, suggesting “good fortune is at hand” (the Chinese character for tiger sounds close to the character for good fortune). The design of the marginal inscription blends Chinese calligraphy, auspicious cloud patterns and colorful flowers to create a festive atmosphere.

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60 years since the filming of the "The Third man"

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60 years since the filming of the "The Third man"
Date of Issue: 2 September 2009
Country: Austria
Denominations: 0.65 EUR

The story takes place in Vienna after the Second World War. The city is divided into five zones, one administered by each of the occupying forces, the USA, the Soviet Union, France and the United Kingdom, and one international zone administered by all four jointly. The black market is flourishing, and anyone who resists the gangs of black marketeers ends up in the Danube. One of the most famous scenes of this exciting thriller full of surprises is without doubt the impressive chase through the entire movie.


Fire and Rescue Services

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Title: Fire and Rescue Services
Date of Issue: 1 September 2009
Country: Great Britain
Denominations: 1st Class, 54p, 56p, 62p, 81p, 90p

The philately department issued a set of 6 stamps depicting the various duties and activities undertaken by the country's Fire & Rescue Services personnel.

1st Class – Firefighting
The firefighters of the UK’s 58 Fire and Rescue Authorities are well trained in tackling the types of incidents described below – but it wasn’t always the case. There has been evidence of organised firefighting in Britain since the Roman invasion of AD 43, but it took the Great Fire of London in1666 to move things forward. Insurance companies offering the first type of fire cover were formed, enabling citizens to pay to protect their home or business in the unfortunate event of a fire. The same firms also established private fire brigades specifically to respond to emergency calls from their policy-holders. Nine years after the Edinburgh Fire Engine Establishment was created in 1824, several London insurance companies merged to set up the first London fire brigade, laying the foundations for the modern fire service. Modern day firefighters working for the UK’s Fire and Rescue Services are primed and ready to deal with a wide range of emergencies. Every shout is different from the last – from house fires caused by faulty electrical appliances or out-of-control barbecues to warehouse blazes, factory fires or arson attacks.

54p – Chemical Fire
Most of Britain’s Fire and Rescue Services have at least one chemical incident unit whose firefighters have been trained to deal with emergencies involving hazardous materials. Key roles include the containment of spillages, decontamination and environmental protection. Specialist apparatus, which varies between units, includes: radiation-monitoring equipment, chemical containment and absorption materials, leak-sealing equipment, foam concentrate, pumps for pumping up industrial chemicals, and drain blockers.

56p – Emergency Rescue
According to figures for 2007 released by the Department for Transport, there were a total of 182,115 road accidents involving personal injury, of which 27,036 involved death or serious injury. First on the scene of many road traffic accidents are members of the Fire and Rescue Service. In addition to putting out vehicle fires, the fire crew must ensure that the surrounding area is made safe and the spillage of any hazardous substance is contained. In more serious collisions, firefighters are involved in freeing individuals trapped in the wreckage.

62p – Flood Rescue
According to the Environment Agency, around 5million people in England and Wales now live in flood risk areas, and with the UK’s weather becoming evermore extreme, the nation’s Fire and Rescue Services now play a key role in responding to flood-related emergencies. In summer 2007, widespread flooding placed great demands on the fire service. More than 55,000 homes and businesses were flooded, with over 9,000 people rescued. In terms of scale, the Fire Brigades Union described the rescue effort as ‘the biggest in peacetime Britain’.

81p – Search and Rescue
Firefighters with training in urban search and rescue (USAR) techniques use specialist equipment to lift, cut away and remove debris from collapsed buildings and damaged vehicles to make the area safe enough to search for casualties trapped inside. Members of each USAR unit are trained to use a range of specialist apparatus, including listening devices, communication probes, technical search cameras, cutting, drilling and breaking tools, heavy-capacity airbags, and propping and shoring equipment. Specially adapted vehicles are also used in USAR work.

90p – Fire Safety
Fire authorities across the UK have a long tradition of maintaining vital links within their local communities. From school visits and fire prevention talks to safety checks and smoke alarm tests in the home, local fire services play an important role in community life. In 2002 the London Fire Brigade established Local Intervention Fire Education (LIFE) – an intensive five-day course that enables young people to learn a range of skills, including handson firefighting, first aid and fire prevention. LIFE has since been adopted by a number of regional fire services.


PHILAKOREA 2009 24th Asian International Stamp Exhibition

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Title: PHILAKOREA 2009 24th Asian International Stamp Exhibition
Date of Issue: 30 July 2009
Country: Korea
Denominations: 250 won x 6

The PHILAKOREA 2009 24th Asian International Stamp Exhibition will be held from July 30 to August 4 2009 at the Indian Hall, COEX (Convention and Exhibition Center), Seoul. Hosted by Korea Post and the Philatelic Federation of Korea, under the patronage of FIAP (Federation of Inter-Asian Philately) and with recognition from the FIP (Federation Internationale de Philatelie), PHILAKOREA 2009 marks the first hosting of the Asian international stamp exhibition by Korea. Along with PHILAKOREA 2009, the FIAP Congress and Exco Meeting will be held. FIAP, the federation of Asian countries’ philatelic federations, currently has 32 member countries. At this Exhibition, participated by about 30 countries, FIAP, postal authorities and stamp dealers will display 1,265 frames of stamp exhibits in the competitive class and 64 frames of stamp exhibits in the non-competitive class, with stamps from around the world being introduced and sold. Held under the theme of “Humans, Nature, and Stamps,” and presenting not only stamp-related programs but various performances and events planned for the general public, PHILAKOREA 2009 was designed to serve as a festival for all family members to enjoy and explore Asia’s stamp culture.

The stamps issued to commemorate PHILAKOREA 2009 will feature several Yeongmohwa (a type of drawing that depicts birds and animals - notable paintings that are representative of Korea’s 19th century paintings) including Jang Seung-Eop’s Ssangchido that portrays a cock-peasant and a pheasant hen and Hochido that shows eagles (both kept in Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art), as well as Hong Se-Seop’s Jurodo that displays the sacred ibis and Yuapdo that shows swimming ducks (both kept in the National Museum of Korea).

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United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

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Title: United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
Date of Issue: 6 August 2009
Country: United Nations
Denominations: 44¢, 98¢, F.s. 0,85 , F.s. 1,80, € 0,55 , € 0,65

The Economic and Social Council was established under the Charter of the United Nations as the principal organization to coordinate the economic, social and related work of the 14 UN specialized agencies, the nine functional commissions and the five regional commissions. The Council also receives reports from 11 United Nations funds and programmes. ECOSOC serves as the central forum for discussing international economic and social issues, and for formulating policy recommendations addressed to Member States and the United Nations system. It is responsible for:

• Promoting higher standards of living, full employment, and economic and social progress;
• Identifying solutions to international economic, social and health problems;
• Facilitating international cultural and educational cooperation;
• Encouraging universal respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.
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40th Anniversary of Postal Independance

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Title: 40th Anniversary of Postal Independance
Date of Issue: 30 July 2009
Country: Guernsey
Denominations: 36p, 43p, 51p, 54p, 56p, 77p

Until 1969 Guernsey’s postal service was run by the UK’s General Post Office, before the island took over the responsibility itself.

As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of what is now Guernsey Post Ltd, we do so in the time-honoured way: with a new set of stamps.

These convey general impressions of each decade from the 60s to the present – a tall order which the designer addressed through the use of appropriate visual styles, rather than picking a single event or object at the expense of other, equally deserving ones.

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500th Anniversary of the Coronation of Henry VIII

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Title: 500th Anniversary of the Coronation of Henry VIII
Date of Issue: 30 July 2009
Country: Guernsey
Denominations: 36p, 43p, 51p, 54p, 56p, 77p

To commemorate the 500th anniversary of the coronation of ‘Bluff King Hal’ Guernsey Post commissioned a fabulous series of paper sculptures created by talented artist Gail Armstrong.

Each sculpture; perfect in every diminutive detail, was then photographed to create a unique series of stamps, which all depict a key highlight in Henry’s dynamic life and reign.

Born at Grenwich Palace in 1491 the second son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, Henry VIII came to the throne in 1509, just weeks after his marriage to Katherine of Aragon.

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Prevention and fire

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Title: Prevention and fire
Date of Issue: 1 August 2009
Country: Italy
Denomination: € 0.60

Italy issued a commemorative stamp for the prevention and fight against forest fires.

Stamps shows up two scenes upper, natural green and lush with Deer in the image and below is the same scene after fire, everything just ruined away.


Jayadeva And Gita Govinda - "Dasavtar"

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Title: Jayadeva And Gita Govinda - "Dasavtar"
Date of Issue: 27 July 2009
Country: India
Denominations: 500p x 11

First time in the history of India post, 11 philately stamps were issued in a single release "Jayadeva And Gita Govinda - "Dasavtar".

One stamp is on legendary poet Jayadev and the rest 10 are of incarnations of Lord Vishnu known as “Dasavatar” in Hindu scriptures.

Ten avatars are: (1) Matsya, the Fish; (2) Kurma, the Tortoise; (3) Varaaha, the Boar; (4) Narasimha, the Man-lion; (5) Vaamana, the Dwarf; (6) Parasuraama; (7) Raama; (8) Balaraama; (9) Buddha; and (10) Kalki (still to come in kaliyug).

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Inauguration 100 Years Port of Montevideo

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Title: Inauguration 100 Years Port of Montevideo
Date of Issue: 21 July 2009
Country: Uruguayo
Denominations: $ 37


Captain Robert A. Bartlett

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Captain Bartlett - Philately News
Title: Captain Robert A. Bartlett
Date of Issue: 10 July 2009
Country: Canada
Denominations: 54¢

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Traditional Houses

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Title: Traditional Houses
Date of Issue: 7 July 2009
Country: Malaysia
Denominations: 50 sen x 16



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Roadside Attractions

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Title: Roadside Attractions
Date of Issue: 6 July 2009
Country: Canada
Denominations: 54c

Nothing beats a Canadian road trip. From the rocky splendours of the west, through spectacular stretches of alpine meadows, towards the sweeping ocean vistas of the east—it seems that, no matter which way we steer the wheel, there’s something to see. But it’s not all natural scenery; the landscape abounds with quirky landmarks that capture the spirit of small-town Canada and never fail to get tourists talking. This July, Canada Post will issue the first set in a three-year stamp series showcasing Canada’s famous roadside attractions.

We kick off our cross-country journey in the wonderful west, home to vistas of snow-peaked mountain ranges, panoramic seascapes, and, of course, Mr. PG. At a staggering 8 metres tall, this giant “log” man is hard to miss. He’s been welcoming visitors to Prince George, BC, since 1960.

Next stop: Watson Lake, YK, where a special kind of forest—a signpost forest—is nestled within spectacular stretches of untamed wilderness. It all began in 1942, when a homesick U.S. Army G.I. working on the Alaska Highway put up a sign pointing the way and showing the mileage to his hometown. Others followed suit, and the Watson Lake Signpost Forest’s count today exceeds 64,000 signs.

So many signs—which way to go? We follow the eastbound arrow until, as luck would have it, we stumble upon Hay River, NWT’s Inukshuk. Built in 1978 as a symbol for the Arctic Winter Games, this stunning sculpture belongs to the age-old Inuit tradition of building stone giants to guide travelers through Canada’s vast landscape. Our guide points south, and on we go.

A long journey down the Yellowhead Highway leads us to Vegreville, AB, where a massive Easter egg—the largest in the world, in fact—is on display at the entrance to Elk Island National Park. Its name, Pysanka, is Ukrainian for “Easter egg,” and it symbolizes Vegreville’s vibrant folk culture.

This set of stamps is as fun and whimsical as the attractions they celebrate. Designer Fraser Ross of Halifax’s Semaphor Design Company notes, “They’re all iconic in their own way, so we wanted to give them each a monumental quality.” The stamps feature traditional oil paintings by Nova Scotia artist Bonnie Ross. The detail and dimension within them was captured by adding layer upon layer of graduated colour. Meanwhile, the lively colour scheme lends a cartoonish aspect to the scenes. Fraser adds, “This quality highlights the originality and quirkiness of these attractions; they’re so much fun and we wanted the stamps to speak to that.”

While getting acquainted with the roadside attractions, Ross came to see that their excitement extends well beyond their quirks. “They’re like historical landmarks in both a literal and figurative way,” he says. “They literally mark a location, but they also mark a time and place. On family vacations, we all stop; we stare; and we rarely leave without a picture. Over time, we may forget the details of a vacation, sometimes even the destinations themselves, but somehow the roadside attractions we meet along the way find a permanent place in our memories and photo albums.” This July, these lively landmarks can also find a permanent place in your stamp collection.

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Flora & Fauna

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Title: Flora & Fauna
Date of Issue: 1 July 2009
Country: Italy
Denominations: 0,32 €, 0,62 €

The two self adhesive stamps of this Flora and Fauna series are devoted to the Geranium and the butterfly Graellsia isabelae, and depict images of the both.

- Geranium
The plant commonly known as Geranium belongs to the family of the Geraniaceae and the genus Pelargonium. Confusingly, "geranium" is also the common name of members of the genus Pelargonium. Geranium is a genus of over 400 species of flowering biennial, perennial and annual plants. These attractive flowers and their various colours make them very popular in gardening. They are grown throughout the temperate regions of the world and the mountains of the tropics, but mostly in the eastern part of the Mediterranean region. Propagation is by semi-ripe cuttings in winter and early spring or by seed. They are normally grown in part shade to full sun, in well draining but moisture retentive soils.

- Graellsia isabelae
The butterfly depicted in this stamp belongs to the nominal subspecies Graellsia isabelae ssp.isabelae. It is a female specimen and according to entomologists, this Spanish butterfly is the most beautiful in Europe. It takes its name from its describer and naturalist Dr. Graells Agüera, who discovered it in 1849 in the Sierra de Guadarrama (Madrid). He first gave it the name of Saturnia isabelae in homage to Queen Isabel II of the Borbon dynasty, her protector. The main colour of this Iberian Lepidoptera, of an exotic nature, is pale green with the wing veins heavily outlined with reddish-brown scales and with yellow replacing the pale green on the hindwing tails and wing submarginal areas. The broad, outwardly curved tails are more than twice as long in males than in the females. This moth primarily feeds on the leaves of pine trees where it lays its eggs after fertilization. This specimen lives in the Pyrenees, the central mountain range of the Iberian Peninsula and the mountains of Albarracín, Javalambre, Gúdar, Cazorla, Segura, Alcaraz and Guadarrama. The photograph depicted in the stamp belongs to Enrique Aguilar and the butterfly is form the collection of entomologist Tomás Latasa who has kindly supplied it.

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The 16th Asian Games

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Title: The 16th Asian Games
Date of Issue: 30 June 2009
Country: China
Denominations: 1.20 yaun x 2

1.20 yaun (2-1): Emblem
The design of the official emblem, inspired from the statue of the Five Goats in Guangzhou Yuexiu Park, features soft and uplifting lines to outline a contour of the Five Goats that resemble the shape of a torch. The design, a combination of grace and delicacy, represents the city symbol of Guangzhou, embodies the enthusiasm of Guangzhou citizens in hosting the event, manifests the ever-burning sacred flame of the Asian Games, and conveys the vigor and vitality to be staged at the 16th Asian Games.

1.20 yaun (2-2): Mascots
The Official Mascots of the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games are Le Yangyang and his four friends, A Xiang, A He, A Ru and A Yi, each with their own character and style. Put together, their names make the China phrase, Xiang He Ru Yi Le Yangyang, which means Peace, Harmony and Great Happiness, with everything going as you wish. As an important symbol of Guangzhou, the Five Goats also represent the five colors of the Olympic rings, emblematizing the Olympic spirit of friendship, cooperation, equal participation and fair competition. Conveying the vision of the 16th Asian Games, "Thrilling Games, Harmonious Asia," the mascots express anticipation for the Asian Games of Chinese people, especially Guangzhou people, as well as their warm welcome to people from Asia and the rest of the world.

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2009 Scenic Definitives

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Title: 2009 Scenic Definitives
Date of Issue: 1 July 2009
Country: New Zealand

Denominations: 30c, $1.80, $2.30, $2.80, $3.30, $4.00.

For the first time since 2007, New Zealand Post has produced a selection of Scenic Definitive stamps, covering some of New Zealand’s favourite scenic locations. Join us, and you’ll catch a tantalising glimpse of our country’s stunning natural environments and sophisticated urban landscapes.

30 c – Tolaga Bay

Located on the North Island’s east coast, Tolaga Bay is well known for its wharf – the longest in New Zealand, at 660 metres. The wharf was built in 1929 to accommodate large coastal trading vessels, but it fell into disuse as improved roads and motor vehicles offered more efficient transport options.

$1.80 – Russell

The historic township of Russell (once known as Kororareka) was New Zealand’s first permanent European settlement and sea port. It was also the country’s first capital, but today it’s a Bay of Islands holiday town, with an abundance of shops, restaurants and bars.

$2.30 – Lake Wanaka

With an area of 192 square kilometres, Lake Wanaka is New Zealand’s fourth largest lake. Its crystal-clear waters (thought to be more than 300 metres deep) are an aquatic playground for tourists, sailors, water-skiers and kayakers, while walking tracks, rivers and the surrounding Southern Alps provide outdoor adventure opportunities aplenty.

$2.80 – Auckland

Auckland has the largest population in New Zealand, with about 1.3 million people. It’s a fusion of many cultures and offers a huge range of experiences and activities for visitors and locals alike. Popularly known as 'the City of Sails’, Auckland has more yachts and launches per capita than any other city in the world.

$3.30 – Rakaia River
Rising in the Southern Alps and travelling 150 kilometres to the

Pacific Ocean, the Rakaia River is one of New Zealand’s largest braided rivers – and it’s crossed by New Zealand’s longest road and rail bridges. It’s a celebrated Chinook salmon fishery and known for its populations of wrybills, black-fronted terns and banded dotterels.

$4.00 – Wellington

Wellington is New Zealand’s capital city and the country’s political centre, it also supports a thriving arts and entertainment scene, with more cafés per capita than New York City. Other attractions include the Museum of New Zealand – Te Papa Tongarewa, the biennial New Zealand International Arts Festival, the World of WearableArt, the New Zealand Sevens weekend and numerous film festivals. The $4.00 2009 Definitive replaces the existing definitive stamp that does not carry the New Zealand Post fern.

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Bee Gees

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Title: Bee Gees
Date of Issue: 1 July 2009
Country: Isle of Man
Denominations: £ 4.93

Isle of Man commemorate the long and illustrious career of this world-famous Manx-born band with this set of 8 stamps which, almost literally, chart their progress through the years. The images are derived from the covers of many of their milestone album covers.

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The Dead Sea

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Title: The Dead Sea
Date of Issue: 30 June 2009
Country: Israel
Denominations: 2.30

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Global Warming

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Title: Global Warming
Date of Issue: 30 June 2009
Country: Israel
Denominations: 2.30

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Geothermal Energy

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Title: Geothermal Energy
Date of Issue: 30 June 2009
Country: Israel
Denominations: 2.30

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Solar Energy

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Title: Solar Energy
Date of Issue: 30 June 2009
Country: Israel
Denominations: 2.30

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Australia's Favourite Stamp

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Title: Australia's Favourite Stamp
Date of Issue: 26 June 2009
Country: Australia
Denominations: 5 x 55c

The results are in! Australia Post invited the public to vote for its favourite Australian stamp. The chose was from choose from 150 stamps representing Australian culture and heritage, major events and significant achievements since the first stamps were issued by New South Wales in 1850.

The Results in order of popularity

  1. £2 Kangaroo and Map (1913-38)
  2. 5s Opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge (1932)
  3. 2½d Peace and Victory (1946)
  4. 8½d Gwoya Jungarai, "One Pound Jimmy" (1950)
  5. 6d Kookaburra (1914).

The £2 Kangaroo and Map stamp was originally issued in 1913 as part of the first uniform issue of stamps by the Commonwealth of Australia. It caused considerable controversy, as it did not include a portrait of the reigning British monarch.

The public's second choice was the 5s Opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge issued in 1932. The "Five Bob Bridge", as the stamp became affectionately known, has long been an elusive item for generations of collectors. The stamp design is unusually free of embellishment to emphasise the bridge's size and this is reinforced by the tiny image of R.M.S. Orford, one of the passenger liners on the Australia-England run, passing underneath the bridge.

The third choice, the 2½d Peace and Victory issued in 1946, features a seven-pointed star and wreath, the star representing the Australian states and territories, and was issued to celebrate the end of World War II. The 8½d Gwoya Jungarai, often known as "One Pound Jimmy", issued in 1950 was the public's next choice. Gwoya Jungarai was a member of the Walbiri tribe of Central Australia. The fifth choice was the 6d Kookaburra issued in 1914. It was part of a new series designed to replace the Kangaroo and Map stamps.

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Taiwan Butterflies

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Name: Taiwan Butterflies
Date of Issue: 26 June 2009
Country: Taiwan
Denominations:NT$5.00, NT$5.00, NT$12.00, NT$12.00

1. Papilio xuthus Linnaeus (NT$5.00): It has dark brown wings, although the coloration in females is somewhat lighter. There is a pale yellow crescent (lunule) behind the forewings and hindwings, and there are some light yellow markings near the base of the hindwings. The males and females are similar in appearance except for some obvious orange markings on either side of the bluish gray band on the underside of females’ hindwings. In addition, there is a black spot on the front edge of males’ hindwings, which is absent in females.

2. Troides aeacus formosanus Rothschild (NT$5.00): The male has black wings, and the bright yellow markings on the upperside and underside of its hindwings are larger than those of the female. There is a row of black saw-tooth markings on the outer margin of its hindwings and some red markings on its thorax. Females are larger than males, with broader forewings and a complicated yellow and black pattern on their hindwings. This butterfly is an endemic subspecies to Taiwan. It is listed as a rare and valuable protected species.

3. Graphium agamemnon (Linnaeus) (NT$12.00): Females and males have identical wing patterns. The male has black wings with four vertical rows of yellowish green spots on each wing. There is a fuzzy gray brand in the fold at the inner edge of the hindwings. Females lack the brand and are larger than males.

4. Papilio paris nakaharai Shirôzu (NT$12.00): It has black wings. There is a broad, metallic greenish blue marking on its hindwings, which shimmers during flight. It is one of the most beautiful butterflies in Taiwan. There is a row of red crescents on the outer edge of the underside of its hindwings. Females and males are similar in appearance, except that in males the blue marking on the upperside of the hindwing extends narrowly below and above.


World Cup of Baseball

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Title: World Cup of Baseball
Date of Issue: 20 June 2009
Country: Italy
Denominations: € 0.60

The stamp shows a pitch for baseball and the shapes of some players in the role of pitcher, batter and receiver.
Complete the legend stamp "XXXVIII CUP WORLD BASEBALL", the word "ITALY" and value "€ 0.60".

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Matariki 2009

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Title: Matariki 2009
Date of Issue: 24 June 2009
Country: New Zealand
Denominations: 50c, $1.00, $1.50, $1.80, $2.00, $2.30

24 June 2009 signals the start of ‘Matariki’ – the dawn of a new Maori year. Traditionally a time for renewal, reflection and celebration, Matariki is also a time to honour Maori culture as a key influence on, and an integral part of, New Zealand’s sense of nationhood.

This year New Zealand Post honours heitiki as an icon of Maori
art - past and present.

50c – Heitiki

International awareness of Maori culture soared in the 1980s with the enormously successful ‘Te Maori’ exhibition, in which traditional Maori artefacts went on display in galleries in New York, St Louis, San Francisco and Chicago, before returning to tour galleries in New Zealand’s four main urban centres. 2009 is the 25th anniversary of the Te Maori exhibition opening. The heitiki that appears on the 50c stamp played a significant part in this exhibition. You can read more about this watershed event – and its impact for Maori and New Zealand – in the Limited Edition that accompanies this collection.

$1.00 – Heitiki

The heitiki on the $1.00 stamp was carved by Raponi, a renowned Maori artist. New Zealand Post commissioned Raponi to produce this contemporary piece. The traditional design is recognised the world over as an enduring symbol of Maori culture, art and adornment. You can read more about the contemporary Maori heitiki in the presentation pack.

$1.50 – Heitiki

Maori artist Rangi Kipa has established an international reputation for innovation while constantly drawing inspiration from his Maori heritage. This is particularly evident in this heitiki, which is made from corian – a manmade material commonly used for kitchen worktops and bathroom vanities. Rangi was commissioned by New Zealand Post to produce this piece for the stamp issue. In total Rangi produced five identical heitiki, two of which are to be sold through REAL Aotearoa stores in Auckland and Christchurch.

$1.80 – Heitiki

Similar yet always different, each heitiki is a work of art – carefully, lovingly designed, created and carved by Maori artists for generation after generation. Some, like this female heitiki – made from a kahurangi (pale) variety of pounamu (greenstone) – are now safely in the care of museums, often put on display as beautiful emblems of the Maori people and their home, New Zealand.

$2.00 – Heitiki

Order this stamp and you’ll see for yourself the remarkably intricate carving that has produced this miniature masterpiece. More than 160 years old, she’s now held by the New Zealand government, and is part of the collections of The Museum of New Zealand – Te Papa Tongarewa.

$2.30 – Heitiki

Heitiki have been made from a wide variety of materials, from pounamu and whalebone (paraoa) to cow bone, granite, wood and various plastic materials. Pounamu and paraoa remain the most prestigious – rare, precious and uniquely suited to carving. This 1991 paraoa heitiki (carved by Rangi Hetet) made its first appearance in the 2008 Matariki collection – and well deserves another outing here.

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European Supermoto Championship - Grand Prix Bulgaria

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Title: European Supermoto Championship - Grand Prix Bulgaria
Date of Issue: 16 June 2009
Country: Bulgaria
Denominations: 0.60


Industry, construction, agriculture, technology : Water-borne traffic

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Title: Industry, construction, agriculture, technology : Water-borne traffic
Date of Issue: 18 June2009
Country: Russia
Denominations: 7.00, 8.00, 9.00, 10.00

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