Australia's Favourite Stamp

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Title: Australia's Favourite Stamp
Date of Issue: 26 June 2009
Country: Australia
Denominations: 5 x 55c

The results are in! Australia Post invited the public to vote for its favourite Australian stamp. The chose was from choose from 150 stamps representing Australian culture and heritage, major events and significant achievements since the first stamps were issued by New South Wales in 1850.

The Results in order of popularity

  1. £2 Kangaroo and Map (1913-38)
  2. 5s Opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge (1932)
  3. 2½d Peace and Victory (1946)
  4. 8½d Gwoya Jungarai, "One Pound Jimmy" (1950)
  5. 6d Kookaburra (1914).

The £2 Kangaroo and Map stamp was originally issued in 1913 as part of the first uniform issue of stamps by the Commonwealth of Australia. It caused considerable controversy, as it did not include a portrait of the reigning British monarch.

The public's second choice was the 5s Opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge issued in 1932. The "Five Bob Bridge", as the stamp became affectionately known, has long been an elusive item for generations of collectors. The stamp design is unusually free of embellishment to emphasise the bridge's size and this is reinforced by the tiny image of R.M.S. Orford, one of the passenger liners on the Australia-England run, passing underneath the bridge.

The third choice, the 2½d Peace and Victory issued in 1946, features a seven-pointed star and wreath, the star representing the Australian states and territories, and was issued to celebrate the end of World War II. The 8½d Gwoya Jungarai, often known as "One Pound Jimmy", issued in 1950 was the public's next choice. Gwoya Jungarai was a member of the Walbiri tribe of Central Australia. The fifth choice was the 6d Kookaburra issued in 1914. It was part of a new series designed to replace the Kangaroo and Map stamps.

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