Finding Nemo - Taiwan

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Date of issue:  2008-04-03
Denomination: NT$5.00 each

To stimulate interest in philately among youths, this Post has selected “Finding Nemo”, an animated movie much loved by the young, as the subject of two souvenir sheets. Each souvenir sheet will include five NT$5.00-denominated stamps.
The designs follow: 
Disney’s “Finding Nemo” is an animated movie shown in about 120 countries around the world and won an Oscar for best animated feature. The film is about a single clownfish father and his son Nemo. One day, Nemo is captured and then put into a fish tank. To find his beloved son, the anxious father embarks on a difficult and dangerous journey. On his way, he confronts all kinds of crises, but he is eventually reunited with his son thanks to the help of enthusiastic ocean friends. An illustration of the world under the sea serves as the background for one of the souvenir sheets, and a photo of an underwater landscape serves as the background for the other. The stamps feature Nemo (a clownfish and star of the film), Tad (a long-nosed butterflyfish), Sheldon (a little seahorse), Squirt (a little green sea turtle), Peach (a starfish), Bubbles (a yellow tang), a school of sea turtles, Dory (a blue tang), and Pearl (a flapjack octopus). These small squares of stamps spread joy and happiness with the colorful undersea world they capture. The set is well worth collecting and treasuring.


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