Mailbox of the Future - Korea

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Date of Issue: April 22, 2008
Denomination: 250 won
Korea Post held “The 2008 International Postage Stamp Design Contest” under the theme of “the mailbox of the future.” A total of 5,327 works were submitted and 15 award-winning works were selected for the Grand Prize, Award of Excellence, Honorable Mention, and Special Prize. The “Special Stamp for the Mailbox of the Future” features pictures selected as Grand Prize and Award of Excellence, both of which give a glimpse of the abundant imagination of the kids. Lau Tsun Yin (age 8) from Hong Kong, the winner of the Grand Prize, expressed the future mailbox as a spacecraft that has many protruding arms like a jellyfish. In his picture, the postman in the spacecraft collects and delivers the mail using these long arms. Hamzah D. Marbella (age 7) from Philippines, the winner of Award of Excellence, is conveying this message: despite the noteworthy advancement of computers and electronic telecommunications, the countless letters in the post box will make our future world beautiful and fill it with peace and love. It is hoped that the future post boxes imagined by our kids will be realized some day.


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