Extreme Sports Series - Korea

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Date of Issue: 05/09/2008
Denomination: 250 won x 4
Snowboarding is featured as the third installment in the Extreme Sports series. Snowboarding is a sport that requires riding a long plank-shaped board down a snowy slope that enables spinning and remarkable maneuvers. Snowboarding is seen as having sprung from “Snurfer” (a compound word combining “snow” and “surfer”) -- a kind of toy made for his daughter by Sherman Poppen from U.S. in 1965. It is said that Snurfer was so popular at the time that even Snurfer contests were held. In snowboarding, where the board and boots are fastened with binding, a kind of fixing device, there are two different types: “alpine style” and “free style.” Snowboarding, which has a relatively short history, has come into the spotlight as a people’s world winter sports since it was selected as an official sport event in the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympic Games. In Korea, snowboarding started in the early 1990s, rapidly spreading through the Internet, and great snowboarding competitors contending for glory on the world stage are now being produced.


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