Korea - Hong Kong, China Joint Issue

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Name: Korea - Hong Kong, China Joint Issue
Date of Issue: November 6, 2008
Denominations:250 won each

Korea’s mask
- Chwibari mask seen in Bongsan Mask Dance Drama
Having been performed since approximately 200 years ago, mainly as part of the Dano festival, Bongsan Mask Dance Drama is representative of Hwanghae province and its dance movements are cheerful and vigorous. Bongsan Mask Dance Drama is composed of 7 segments: Sasangjwa dance, Palmokjung dance, Sadang dance, Nojang dance, Saja (lion) dance, Yangban (nobleman) dance and Miyal dance.

Hong Kong’s mask - Big Head Buddha mask seen in the Lion Dance of the Southern area
Big Head Buddha appears mostly when a new year commences. There are various stories about the origin of Big Head Buddha, but mostly, it appears with lions. According to the legend, the lion was a spiritual animal in Buddhism, and it seeks deeper enlightenment about Buddha’s teachings.


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