Ceremonial Objects - Taiwan

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Name: Ceremonial Objects
Date of Issue: 10 February 2009

1.Gift Basket (NT$5.00): During folk festivals, ceremonies and celebrations, all kinds of delectable treats were put in gift baskets that were offered to friends and relatives.

2.Wooden Carrying Box (NT$5.00): Wooden carrying boxes were used to carry betrothal gifts from the groom’s family and the presents from the bride’s family given in turn to the groom’s family. The boxes were essential ceremonial objects for betrothals.

3.Bridal Sedan Chair (NT$12.00): Most of the bridal sedan chairs were painted mostly red, and decorated with paintings or embroideries of flowers, birds, and human figures.

4.Candle Sticks (NT$12.00): A pair of candle sticks - along with an incense burner and a pair of vases - was an essential item for an altar, whether at a temple or household ancestral shrine. Burning candles conveyed people’s respect for the gods.


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