Popular dances

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Name: Popular dances
Date of Issue: 27 April 2009
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Las Sevillanas, native to Seville, is the most popular dance and song in Andalucía where the following are also very well known: The Olé gaditano from Cádiz, the Jaleo from Jerez, the Rondeña from Ronda, the Malagueña from Málaga and the Granadina from Granada. Technically, they are an evolution from the Castilian seguidillas which in time developed into a more flamenco style.

Las Sevillanas are danced in twos and have four different movements: paseillos, pasadas, careos and remates in 3 x4 timing. There is a wide variety of Sevillanas but the best known are the boleras, rocieras, corraleras and bíblicas and they take their name depending on the theme of the song or the background conditions. They are mainly accompanied by guitar playing, hand clapping by the palmeros and, castanets or, palillos (drumsticks) as they are called in Andalucía. Their fame spreads all over the country as they are performed throughout Spain in festivals, celebrations and dance clubs and especially in the Feria de Sevilla and El Rocío pilgrimage. Since the sixties, the Sevillanas have evolved with new artists, themes and musical interpretations though observing the original essence and the graceful arm and leg movement.


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