Räpina Paper Mill, 275th anniversary

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Name: Räpina Paper Mill, 275th anniversary
Date of Issue: 14 May 2009
Country: Estonia
Denominations: 5.50

The history of the Räpina Paper Mill, one of the oldest industrial enterprises in Estonia, goes back to the year 1728 when Count Karl Gustav von Löwenwolde, a courtier of Tsar Peter I of Russia, acquired lands in Räpina on the banks of Estonia’s longest river, and a dam with a brick works nearby was built on the river under building master Johan Georgi Kaiser’s supervision. The bricks were used to build a sawmill, a flourmill and a paper mill, all of which used water as a source of power. It was a rare case in Europe where one dam brought into motion three different mills. The paper mill based on renewable technology was launched in 1734.


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