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Date of Issue: 27 May 2009
Country: Czech Republic
Denominations: 10.0 Kč

Spejbl and Hurvínek, the most famous Czech puppets, are the theme of the traditional issue dedicated to children. They were conceived by their spiritual father and performer Professor Josef Skupa (1892-1957). The figure of Spejbl was created for the Pilsen Puppet Theatre by the woodcarver Karel Nosek in 1920. Before the birth of Hurvínek Spejbl, coupled with Kašpárek, belonged to the most popular heroes of Pilsen children. Hurvínek was invented, designed and created in 1926 by Gustav Nosek (Karel Nosek's nephew). The Theatre of Spejbl and Hurvínek was established by Professor Skupa in 1930 as the first professional puppet theatre of a new type. In the same year the Spejbls welcomed new members - Hurvínek's friend Mánička and the dog Žeryk. Added to these core four types was Mrs. Kateřina Hovorková - Mánička's pedantic granny. The humorous stories from the life of these wooden heroes are known to children almost all over the world where the Theatre Spejbl and Hurvínek played. The theatre performs also satirical comedies for adults.


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