The Lusitano Horse

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Title: The Lusitano Horse
Date of Issue: 11 June 2009
Country: Portugal
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The pure breed Lusitano, which has been ridden for more than five thousand years, arrives at the 21st century reconquering the splendour acknowledged to it in ancient times by Greeks and Romans, who considered it as the best saddle horse in the world.

Selected throughout times as a hunting and combat horse, its versatility, docility, agility and courage allows it to compete today in almost all modalities of modern equestrian sports, facing the greatest experts in the field.

Over the last centuries, the Lusitano has stood out as a horse of excellence for both Horsemanship and Bullfight on Horseback but, besides being the most enjoyable Saddle-horse there is, it natural ability in Jumping Obstacles, Dressage, and Equestrian Competition Driving never ceases to surprise, and it has won the World Champion Title twice so far. It also stands out in Working Equitation, in which modality it has won the most important international titles.

Currently, it is very much sought out as a Sports and All-rounder Horse, but also as a breeder, given the remarkable qualities of its character and genetic antiquity. The exceptionally small number of roughly four thousand breeding mares confers a unique rarity to this race.

The largest number of animals can be found in Portugal, Brazil, France and Spain, while the remaining are scattered all over the world, in particular Mexico, England, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Colombia, South Africa and United States of America.
The Stud-Book of the “Pure Breed Lusitano Race”, which belongs to the Portuguese State, is unique and it is used in Portugal, which is the cradle of the race; the management of the Stud-Book is entrusted to the Portuguese Association of Lusitano Horse Breeders, that ensures the purity of the breed as well as the Zoo-technical and sanitary improvement.
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