Lunar Year of the Tiger - Macau

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Macao post issued the third series of the Chinese Zodiac, the "Lunar Year of the Tifer".The stamps combine the different forms of the Tiger and the distinguishing characteristics of "Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth".

This year, the tiger’s nature from the “Five Elements” is “Metal Tiger”, so it becomes the main character of the five stamps. The “Metal Tiger” stamp is applied with emboss printing technique to highlight the image of intrepid tiger while the hot foil stamping with holographic and gold are used respectively on the cloud patterns, the face values and the characters.

Title: Lunar Year of the Tiger
Date of Issue: 2 January 2010
Country: Macau
Denominations: 1.50, 1.50, 1.50, 1.50 and 5.00 Patacas

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